How Can We Help?

At G&L, we handle the entire process to install your furniture. After your furniture is ordered, we receive all manufactured items to our warehouse, then store and transport them when ready for installation. Our team will provide project management throughout the entire process to ensure we are as efficient as possible. From beginning to end, we are involved until you are happy with your finished space! 

Explore our extensive service offerings below:

Office Furniture Installation

Professional setup and installation of office furniture, ensuring functionality and aesthetics.

Corporate Relocation Services

Complete solutions for business moves, ensuring minimal downtime and seamless transition.

Office Furniture Liquidation Services

Efficient liquidation, disposal and donation of unwanted items


Safe, Insured, flexible storage options for office furniture and equipment.

Moving Crate Rental

Durable, rentable moving crates for secure, environmentally-friendly transportation.

Office Re-configuration

Redesign and re-arrange office spaces to maximize efficiency and employee comfort.

Refinishing & Touch Up

Restoration services to bring new life to worn or damaged office furniture.

Furniture Millwork & Repairs

Custom furniture millwork and repairs, blending craftsmanship with functionality.

Re-upholstery & Steam Cleaning

Revitalize office furniture with professional re-upholstery and deep cleaning services.

Pre-Owned Office Furniture Options

Cost-effective, quality pre-owned furniture for budget-friendly office setups.

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